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Help create a better future

We are Project Sandbox and we want to give people in Southeast Asia a better perspective.

Sad but true

282 million people in Southeast Asia live in absolute poverty

They live on less thans 1,90 USD per capita per day.

We believe we can make the world a better place

Welcome to Project Sandbox. We support people in need in Southeast Asia and those who are committed to a decent life. Our work includes food distributions, self-help projects and supporting local businesses in times of crisis.

Start Your Journey Today And Save The Ocean

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Our foundation team


Founder Kotak Pasir Sandbox Indonesia


Co-Founder Kotak Pasir Sandbox Indonesia & Accounting


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Member & Volunteer for medical matters

Sandbox is based on a wonderfully chance encounter and the resulting German-Indonesian friendship.

Shortly after the devastating earthquakes of 2018, Chris was on the small island of Lombok in Indonesia for the first time, which is right next to the better-known sister island of Bali. He quickly realized that this small patch of earth was in no way inferior to its big sister. A surfing paradise with turquoise-blue water, untouched nature, immaculate volcanic landscapes and, above all, people full of charity and hospitality.

In 2019, driven by the idea of ​​getting to know more about Indonesia, Chris was again on a longer trip to Southeast Asia, where he happened to meet an acquaintance in Bali at the time: Marvin. You quickly noticed that the chemistry was right. In the years that followed, the casual acquaintances became good friends. They went on a trip around the world together and often sat together in the evenings and pondered various ideas in the field of sustainability.

Visiting Lombok again, Chris discovered the Sandbox restaurant and became friends with the owner, Haris.

Haris showed Chris hospitality, taking him out for a fish meal and impressing him with his selfless service to the community. Not only further earthquakes made things difficult for the beautiful island in the South Pacific, the Covid pandemic also presented people with great challenges. Tourism failed to materialize and Haris had to close his restaurant permanently. Chris offered Haris his support, but Haris declined, explaining that he was already working in the fields to donate money to the villages.

Chris was so impressed by Haris‘ ability to help others, even in difficult times, that he wanted to be a part. Chris then collected money privately and sent it to Haris. Of course, Marvin was there, along with many other supporters!

It was then clear that the project should be tackled together on a larger scale and more seriously. What else could it be called than Sandbox. Accordingly, the non-profit association Sandbox e.V. was founded in Germany and the Indonesian Yayasan (Foundation) Kotak Pasir Sand Box.